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Reclaimed English Walnut Hardwood Flooring

Northern California is blessed with soils and climates suitable for the production of such species as almonds, olives, English walnuts, pistachios and other fruit and nut trees. The English walnut tree (Juglans regia) was introduced into the Americas during the 17th Century by English colonists. In California it is grafted onto and grown on native walnut rootstock (Juglans hindsii), and is the most popular floor currently being sold by ODF.

For centuries, the tree we know as English Walnut has been prized in Europe and Asia for furniture as well as nuts. In North America, the tree’s small trunk has kept it from being a popular lumber choice. However, it is ideal for flooring.

We call it “exceptional”. The Latin name of English Walnut is Juglans regia, which translates to “royal walnut”. Those that have seen the wood agree with the classification!

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